Focused on helping victims of sexual and domestic violence find hope and healing.

“One in four girls and one in six boys will become victims of sexual assault before their 18th birthdays.  These are more than statistics, they are Niagara County boys and girls, men and women.”

Domestic Violence

Our Domestic Violence helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our trained staff is always available to provide an immediate response to victims of domestic violence.

To reach our helpline, please call us at (716) 433-6716 or

text (716) 870-9726.

No one deserves to live life in fear. We provide victims of domestic and sexual violence with the following services as alternatives:

  • Adult Counseling Program – Provides information on the dynamics of domestic violence and abusive relationships; identifies options, develops safety plans, and offers emotional support and guidance.
  • Lockport City Court Advocacy – Provides comprehensive assistance to domestic violence victims including counseling, court accompaniment, and referrals to outside agencies. A YWCA Domestic Violence Victim’s advocate is stationed within the Lockport Police Department. To schedule an appointment, contact (716) 439-6630.
  • Educational Support Group – Helps women understand the dynamics of domestic violence in an emotionally supportive environment. Childcare is available.
  • Safe Dwelling – Provides temporary, safe shelter to female victims of domestic violence and their children in a residential setting.
  • Transitional Housing – Provides the second stage of housing after Crisis Housing with a supportive program.
  • Advocacy Program – Provides assistance in securing rights and obtaining services from other agencies.
  • Kidstrong– A free children’s support group for children between the ages of 5-13 who have witnessed domestic violence.

Rape and Sexual Assault

The YWCA of the Niagara Frontier offers a 24-hour crisis hotline staffed by trained professionals who provide an immediate response to rape and sexual assault victims.

To reach our crisis hotline, please call (716) 433-6716 or

text (716) 870-9726.

Confidential Advocates

We provide confidential advocacy for rape and sexual assault victims. From the moment we receive your call on the crisis hotline, a trained advocate is notified and responds within minutes. This advocate will accompany a sexual assault victim to the emergency room for a forensic rape exam, assist them through the criminal investigation process, and be available for crisis counseling on an ongoing basis.

Community Outreach

Speakers are available through the YWCA of the Niagara Frontier for education and awareness training to community organizations and general audiences.

Educational Outreach

Age appropriate curriculum on domestic and dating violence, as well as anger management for grades 3-12, is available for middle school, high school, and university audiences.


No matter what your age, the loss of your loved one redefines your world.  As time moves on you may find yourself struggling to cope with issues that your friends and relatives cannot understand. Or you may find yourself suddenly having difficulty coping a year or more later.  The members of the Widow’s Support Group keenly understand these situations and hope to use their experiences to help other women.  Sharing their strength and hopes for the future, the women of the group help to support each other and explore accepting and adjusting to the changes in life.  Discussions and speakers will guide the group through these difficult times.  Guest experts in many fields including finance, home, and auto repair, legal issues and more will help you develop new skills to deal with day to day matters.  For more information, call (716) 692-5580.
Date: First Wednesday of every month
Time: 1:30-3:30pm
Location: 49 Tremont Street NT


KidStrong is a support group for children that have been exposed to family violence.  The program works with children ages 4 to 12 years old.   The group incorporates age appropriate instruction, therapeutic games, role-plays, worksheets, movement, art therapy, small group discussions regarding the weekly topic, feelings, self-esteem activities, safety planning, and a snack.

The goals of the KidStrong program are as follows:

  • To help children learn new ways to cope with separation, violence and low self-esteem in an environment where they feel a sense of belonging.
  • To assist children in building positive social behaviors.
  • To aid children in gaining self-esteem through a support group that understands and values each child’s uniqueness.

There are no fees to attend.  Children may start the program at any time.
Date: Tuesdays
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Location: 32 Cottage Street, Lockport

Date: Wednesdays
Time: 4:00-5:00pm
Location: 542 6th Street, Niagara Falls

Date: Thursdays
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Location: 49 Tremont Street, North Tonawanda


The YWCA of the Niagara Frontier’s Connextions Program is a member of the “Supervised Visitation Network”,  an International Network  of Child Access Providers, bringing parents and children together for safe, conflict-free visits.

Supervised Visitation can be a positive alternative for children and their non-custodial parent, when there are issues such as: an unstable home environment, divorce, domestic violence or substance abuse.  Other relevant situations are a long-term separation between the parent and child, or when there have been allegations of abuse made against a parent.

The CONNEXTIONS Program provides a safe, structured and comfortable environment for children to visit their non-custodial parent or other relatives when supervised visitation is required by family court or the department of social services. Our staff are trained to focus on the safety and well-being of the child while maintaining a high level of professional respect and courtesy to both parents.

  • The CONNEXTIONS Program strives to: Allow the non-custodial parent/child  relationship to continue or develop
  • Reduce friction between the parents
  • Prevent further abuse or acts of  violence in the presence of the child,  or directed at the child

For more information, call 692-5580.