Outreach and Prevention

Our Outreach and Prevention Programs are designed to inform and empower the community in the topics of domestic and sexual violence through advocacy and education in an effort to reduce the high rates of occurrence. These workshops are all related to the topic of domestic and sexual violence and are available upon request to present for any group of people for any length of time. Please follow-up with the contact information for details. Along with working on the prevention aspect, we also provide direct safety, support and validation to all those affected by this public health epidemic in Niagara County.

Our Outreach and Prevention Programs are for High School aged individuals and older.

Workshop Topics

  • Bystander Intervention Training
  • Personal and Intimate Relationship Skills
  • Healthy Relationships/Safe Dating
  • Domestic Violence Survival
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Warning Signs of Stalking Behavior
  • Stress management
  • Anger & aggression
  • Conflict and management
  • Emotional well-being
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Personality & communication styles
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Cycle of Violence/Family violence
  • Types of abuse
  • Love vs. Sex
  • Boundaries
  • Co-dependency in relationships
  • Feelings/How to cope
  • Bullying behavior/peer pressure
  • How to talk to/help a survivor of trauma
  • Sexual Assault
  • How to Assist Someone who has been Sexually Assaulted
  • Consent
  • Negative childhood beliefs
  • Self-care
  • Digital abuse/Staying safe online
  • Strategies to end violence in your community

*Workshops and seminars can be tailored to meet specific needs and additional topics are available upon request.

Contact: Rachel Sandle-Sacco

Email:   rsandle@ywcanf.org