YWCA of the Niagara Frontier 2015 Beaujolais

                                                                                        YWCA of the Niagara Frontier 2015 Beaujolais Dinner & Basket Auction…

2015 Niagara Award Recipients

2015 YWCA Niagara Awards

YWCA OF THE NIAGARA FRONTIER 2015 NIAGARA AWARDS:  A TRIBUTE TO WOMEN   2015 Niagara Awards Recipients: First row – Vanessa Scott, Gloria Sternin, Dr. Lillian Williams, Cheryl Confer Second row – Ann Murphy, Mayor Anne McCaffrey, Dyan Mulvey, Bernadette Franjoine

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website

We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do. We think it is easier to navigate, looks better and it is responsive! Which means it is viewable on your smart phone and other mobile devices. If you have comments on the website or anything else relating to the YWCA of Niagara, please…

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