You ywcan help us provide a better future.

  • Representing 2,000,000 women, girls, and families in the U.S.
  • Helping over 500,000 women and children escape domestic violence*
  • Empowering over 100,000 women with vocational training*
  • Teaching over 200,000 children through early child care programs*
  • Celebrating 100 years of service in Niagara County


Become a member today (only $40 per year!) and you will:

  • Get a voice for important women’s issues
  • Join over 25 million women and girls in over 100 countries fighting to eliminate racism and empower women
  • Make a difference.
  • Influence change.
  • Continue the work of women before you.

In Niagara County alone, YWCA programs have helped more than 22,000 women, children, and families. YWCAs across the U.S. work closely with local, state, and federal government representatives to protect and advance women’s rights, women’s pay, and women’s health.The YWCA is the oldest and largest women’s membership movement in the nation.




* Statistics represent annual averages.