2017 Niagara Awards: A Tribute to Women

September 26, 2017 at 5:30

The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls

The Niagara Awards was established by the Board of Directors of the YWCA of Niagara in 1997 as a fundraiser to publicly recognize and honor women who make significant contributions to the Niagara and Erie communities specific to the YWCA’s mission of empowering women, eliminating racism, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.  Award recipients will be selected in one of the nine award categories (there may be more than one recipient in each category) and will be recognized at the dinner and their picture and bio will appear in local press articles and the event program. The award recipient(s) in each of the award categories will be notified by the YWCA Selection Committee prior to the dinner.

In addition, a pre-selected recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the Friend of the YWCA of the Niagara Frontier Award will be honored and presented with an award at the dinner.

This year out theme will be WORKING WITH MEN TO SOLVE GENDER VIOLENCE. Our special guest speaker will be Troy Vincent, NFL head of Football Operations, former NFL player and national advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Women nominated should be those who have consistently demonstrated through their employment, self-employment, volunteer service, or lifestyle, an outstanding commitment to the mission of the YWCA — the empowerment of women, the elimination of racism and the promotion of peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. — in one of the following awards categories:

  • Art: Women who have excelled in any level of the arts, such as painters, sculptures, photographers, musicians, vocalists, and conductors; arts educators; arts historians; museum and gallery staff; actors, etc. while also supporting the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Education: Women who are involved at any level of education, including religious or community, in any position, including superintendent, principal, teacher, teachers’ aide, college dean, assistant dean, professor, assistant professor, instructor, teaching assistant, professional staff, etc. while also supporting the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Emerging Leader: Women who have begun to exhibit initiative in developing themselves and others in their professional or volunteer life while also supporting the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Entrepreneur: Women who are owners of their own companies that help support the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Front line: Women who are support personnel, such as receptionists, sales associates, clerical workers, secretaries, bookkeepers, administrative assistants, cashiers, bank tellers, customer service representatives, etc while also supporting the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Health and Human Services: Women who serve as health care providers, case managers, nurses, physicians, social workers, etc. while also supporting the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Management: Women who are top executives and/or officers of corporations, businesses, non-profit organizations, directors, supervisors, managers, etc. while also supporting the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Military/First Responder: Women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty as members of the military or first responders, showing their dedication, diligence, and caring to their service and the people they serve helping to support the YWCA’s mission above.
  • Social Change Agent: Women who have excelled in helping an organization or their community advance positive social change while also supporting the YWCA’s mission above.

Sponsorships are available by calling Jean Mullett-Hosey at 433-6714, ext. 226 or

email to jmullett-hosey@ywcanf.org

 2017 Niagara Awards Nomination Form


2016 NA Nominees 2

(Photo: 2016 Nominees and Awardees)